June 2011: Haigh Fest photo gallery 2

More awesome Haigh Fest 2011 photos, this set provided thanks to Chris Bibby at Shoots You photography.


June 2011: Haigh Fest ’11 Photo Gallery 1

Haigh came, Haigh saw, Haigh conquered. The last ever Haigh Music Festival in Wigan went out with a bang as some of the best local bands around at time went all out to make sure Haigh Fest ended with a bang. 

The likes of Second Son, Smitten Kitten, The Lottery Winners, Jeramiah Ferrari and Merry Hell all delivered first rate performances which will live on fondly in many people’s minds for years to come.

Photographer Matthew Cooper took these pictures of the event for The LINC magazine.

June 2011: Haigh Fest 2011 – An interview with The Lottery Winners

It’s doubtful that there could be a single music fan in the whole of Wigan Borough who hasn’t heard of The Lottery Winners.

Thanks to their combination of wildly-entertaining live shows and equally-as-enjoyable songs, the group have consistently been among the area’s most popular acts for the last several years.

The Lottery Winners

So when Haigh Fest 2011 came around, it seemed like a no-brainer that the Leigh-based outfit should play a large part in proceedings.

It was, and they did.

Some three years on, The Lottery Winners’ high-energy performance on the Haigh Stage remains one of our favourite memories of that festival.

In the weeks before it, the band teased at what was to come in this interview they gave to The LINC’s Chris Skoyles.

June 2011: Haigh Fest 2011 – An interview with Smitten Kitten

Among the countless indie bands, metalheads and punk rock rebels who applied to play Haigh Fest 2011, one band stood out from the crowd more than most. 

Combining the feel good nature of old-school 80s’ hair metal with insatiably catchy tunes and a penchant for the extravagant, Smitten Kitten immediately stood as favourites with the Haigh selection pannel.


Weeks before they took to the Haigh stage with an epic performance, the band met up with The LINC‘s Chris Skoyles to talk about their music, their plans for the festival and more.

June 2011: Haigh Fest 2011 – An interview with Jeramiah Ferrari

If 2008 was a big year for Jeramiah Ferrari, it was only the first of many a big year to come.

Exploding out of the gate with a ferocious blend of rock and reggae, the band’s lively performances and outstanding tunes quickly earned them a reputation as one of the areas hottest new bands.

Jeramiah Ferrari played Haigh Fest

Since that time, the band have gone from strength to strength and, as of 2014, show no signs of slowing down.

In 2011, the band played one of their biggest shows up to that point at the last ever Haigh Fest. In the run up to the big event, Chris Skoyles barged into one of their rehearsal sessions to conduct this interview:

June 2011: Haigh Fest 2011 – An interview with the Glassheads

2011 may have been the final Haigh Fest to date, but if Wigan’s biggest and best loved live music event was going out, it was certainly going out with a band.

Among the local acts lined up to play that year’s event were indie favourites, the Glassheads.

haighfest_glassheadsIn the weeks leading up to the big event, the group met up with The LINC’s Chris Skoyles to talk about their music, their high aspirations for the future and more.

Looking back through our archives, we’ve unearthed the original audio which you can enjoy below.

June 2011: Haigh Fest 2011 Interview with Signal Aurora

Signal Aurora at Urban SoundIn the build up to the 2011 Haigh Fest, The LINC magazine spoke to a number of the bands who would be performing that year. 

Among them were rockers Signal Aurora.

Chris Skoyles barged in on one of the band’s pre-Haigh rehearsals to find out what they had in store for the big day, their take on the local music scene and more.

Delving into the archives, we’ve added the original audio from that interview into a video, which you can enjoy below.